Effects of Aeration

There are a lot of things that oxygen level and aeration can do. They can:

1. Allow more fish to enter the pond
2. There could be a possible income for you during non-peak season
3. Can prevent fish kills caused by low levels of dissolved oxygen
4. Improvement in the water quality of the pond takes place
5. Boosts up the rate of decomposed organic materials
6. Decreases the amount of phosphorus which can help in the growth of aquatic plants
7. These improve the water quality thermally and chemically de-stratify it
8. It causes the water circulation currents to make more algae. This would eventually prevent blue green algae from populating the pond
9. Helps the algae to grow and bloom and prevents it to die and be wasted
10. Can shift the carbon dioxide level by expelling it into the air, which can give the proper amount needed by the aquatic plants

The effectiveness of water aeration
There are several types of techniques to effectively make the oxygen enter the water in the pond using the aeration process. Some of the companies that are making equipments for pond use test their aeration gears for efficiency under standard conditions. One testing given is the SOTR or the Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate. The units that are commonly used for this type of tests are pounds of oxygen per hour or kilograms. Another test includes the SAE or the Standard Aeration Efficiency, which can be calculated by getting the SOTR and dividing it by the power. The measurement result is pounds of oxygen per horsepower per hour.
It is very impossible for you to apply the SAE in your pond because there are still other living organisms in it, not only the fishes.

What can water aeration devices do? Aside from providing the right aesthetic value, these devices actually improve your pond. It would be great for you to browse through the recommended pond aerator devices. This way, you’ll be able to place the right items that will make the pond a total stand out among the rest.
Fountain type aeration device

This kind of aeration device splashes the water into the air and not in the pond to display an excellent water effect. There are a lot of kinds of fountains in the marketplace, but some of them are just created for display and not for aeration reasons. But, there are also lots of fountains that are designed and can be used in the aeration process. Some call this equipment, the “Aerating Fountains”.

The following are advantages that you can get from them:

1. Displaying it in your pond makes the surroundings lovely and lively
2. There are a lot of benefits that you can get with the aeration process
3. It is good for small ponds that are comparatively shallow
4. Works real good at eradicating the unwanted toxics and gases
Other information:
1. It can only draw water up to 10 feet from the surface
2. It uses energy to make the lovely display