Basketballs or Use Indoors

As basketball can be played on both indoor courts and outdoor courts, there are of course different balls for the two types of surface which are played on. The best indoor basketball 2016, as with the best outdoor basketball 2016, can be made by several different companies and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Spalding is a well-known brand for basketballs of course as they were the company that first made a ball especially for basketball, up until then footballs had been used. Spalding is also well known as it is the maker of the official NBA balls. The only down side of buying a Spalding basketball is the price as they are often more expensive than other good brands of ball, especially if they have been autographed. Although perhaps expensive, these balls are said to be good value for money as they are made from real leather and are therefore durable, lasting a long time even with regular play. Wilson basketballs though have become the highest selling balls in high schools since 2012 and are now the official ball of the NCAA. These balls are not made of leather but instead of a composite material which is renowned for providing a good grip and also being very durable. Rawlings has a long history with basketball as it has been making them almost from the game’s first conception and is now the official balls for the Amateur Athletic Union. Perhaps not so well known outside of Asia, the basketballs made by the Japanese company Molten, are the ones used for official Federation Internationale de Basket-ball championships and other events in Asia.

Although basketball is now played and has become popular all over the world, it originated in Springfield, Massachusetts when a Canadian physical training instructor devised the game for his students to play during inclement weather. That was in 1891 but it rapidly grew in popularity, so much so that the first public game was played just a few months later in 1892. At that time a football was used and peach baskets were used instead of hoops and nets but still it grew in popularity. By the time the first international game was played in 1906, special basketballs had been developed by, first Spalding, and then other sporting goods companies. Also the peach baskets had been replaced with hoops, nets and backboards, becoming the game we all know today. After basketball was played at an Inter-Allied Games outside Paris in 1919, the popularity of the game grew, first in Italy and France and then throughout the rest of Europe.

Basketball today is a popular international sport which is enjoyed by many in both official and unofficial games. Obviously this means the sales of basketballs is huge but as each ball made from the different companies have their own characteristics, if you are buying a ball to play basketball with your friends, ensure you buy the one that best suits your playing abilities, such as dunks or dribbling.